A common or garden diary

Saturday, February 21, 2004

I'm going to see a friend tonight (Kane) to belatedly celebrate my 30th birthday.

Kane is one of the two proper friends I have. The other friend is called Adam.

I don't really fancy going to be honest. I kind of shot my load by getting drunk last night. Drinking on a hangover is not one of my favourite pastimes.

I think we're going to some South American joint for a meal.

I went swimming this morning. I should really have been doing weights but I had a bad head from the hangover.

There was a beautiful girl in the jacuzzi with a lovely blue bikini on. My heart did a little jolt when I saw her. She was carrying a little extra weight which I like and she had lovely dark brown hair.

I could look at girls like her all day.
I've just noticed the date and time on my first log was a complete LIE! Probably because this is hosted in the US. Bummer.

Ah well, at least the date is going to be right (most of the time).
I am a 30 year old man living the Midlands (UK).

I live with my girlfriend, have no children and no pets.

I prefer dogs to cats.

Cats are pure evil. Cars (a similar word to cats) are very useful tools for getting rid of cats when operated in the correct way.

Buy yourself a car NOW! ;-)

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